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Safety tips to avoid hijackings

These eight safety tips from the police can help commuters minimise their chance of being a hijacking victim.

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As hijackings are reported and witnessed on a daily basis, Linden police decided to share some steps you can take to avoid such situations. There is no full proof way to eliminate the chances of you and your vehicle being targeted by criminals, but a collection of safety precautions can help incredibly.

ere are tips from Linden Police to maximise your safety while driving:

• Make sure all the doors of your car are locked before you drive off. If you need to, open your car from the outside to make sure the lock still works.

• Keep all valuables such as cell phones, tablets, bags and wallets out of sight.

• Adjust your mirrors to ensure you have an optimal view of everything happening around your car.

• Be aware of what is happening around your car and alert to anything out of the ordinary.

• Do not respond to anyone who indicates that something is wrong with your car.

• While in traffic, stop a few metres from the car in front of you if possible. This space will give you room to get away if anything happens.

• If you suspect that someone is following you, accelerate while monitoring the car behind you and look for a safe place to stop such as a police station.

• When you approach the driveway of your home, be on the lookout for suspicious cars or people around your property.


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