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Image result for SAFETY TIPS TO PREVENT LEAVING KIDS IN CARSWith the first child to die in a hot car in Mississippi in 2019 over the weekend, the Biloxi Police Department shares safety tips to prevent this unfortunate circumstance in the future.

According to Biloxi police, most of the time this is an unfortunate accident that occurs because sometimes a person can get sidetracked in the situation they are in and forget about a child in the backseat.

Here are some tips in regards to being aware of your surroundings with a child in the car. Major Chris De Back said, “Maybe have a method where you text somebody or call somebody and let them know that you dropped that child off. Certainly, any time you stop wherever you are going to, you want to check that backseat. Maybe if you carry a purse or a bag, keep that in the backseat with a child, that way you are gonna sweep that backseat and make sure nobody is back there.”

Mississippi ranks 16th in the nation when it comes to child hot car deaths with 20 fatalities since 1995.


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