Sport fans, how is the coronavirus affecting you?

Milan play Genoa in an empty stadium in Serie A.

 Milan play Genoa in Serie A in an empty stadium. Photograph: Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Every day that passes brings more announcements about sporting events being postponed, cancelled or played in empty stadiums. Sports from rowing to rugby union and snooker to skiing have been affected by the spread of coronavirus. If the changes have impacted you personally, we would like to hear from you.

The impact of the coronavirus on sport has been widespread. Football matches in the Champions League, La Liga, the Bundesliga and Europa League are being played behind closed doors. Matches in the Six Nations, Asian Champions League and Serie A have been postponed. And all sport in Italy has been suspended until at least 3 April.

Have the cancellations and postponements affected you? Have you lost money on tickets, travel or accommodation? Perhaps you are concerned that your club’s finances will be damaged by the drop in matchday revenue? Maybe you were planning to run a marathon but are now worried it will not happen? Or perhaps you have decided to avoid big crowds to protect your health? Tell us your stories and concerns in the form below.

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