Sports dept launches multi-sports programme for kids at this year summer camp

Training will focus on skills like dribbling, catchingTraining will focus on skills like dribbling, catching
Bhopal: In order to encourage kids to join sports, the sports and youth welfare department will introduce a multi-sports programme at this year’s summer camp. The annual summer camp will start from April 15 at the Tatya Tope Stadium.
After successfully implementing the CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) scheme in 2018, the sports department has decided to launch the multi-sports programme. Officials said the programme aims to provide a child an opportunity at varied sporting activities.

Sports department officials said the concept not only helps a child develop an understanding and excel at different fields of sports, but also gives him/her a chance to refine their innate abilities. At the same time, this program develops a fitness regime for a child to begin with and enhance as they grow.

Sports department officials said kids in the age group of 4.5 to 9 years are eligible to participate in the multi-sports programme. “We will admit 200 kids this year. We will have two coaches who are experts in multi-sports activities,” said director, sports, S L Thaosen.

The training session will focus on imparting kids with basic skills like dribbling, catching, kicking, throwing, aiming, etc. It will help them engage in activities with other children, help them to increase their coordination and communication skills with others as well as develop a feeling of team spirit in them.

Sports department officials said, “Children need not play serious games in that age, but we will give them an opportunity to come and play. This is the perfect age for helping them choose a game of their choice and turn them into future medallists for the country.”

According to the department, the objective is to create a proper sports environment by focusing on the health of children. Officials said as children enjoy physical activity, they would be encouraged to take part in the MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity). Besides, they are provided many opportunities to participate and practise.

After the camp, coaches will suggest names of talented children who have the potential to become medallists in various games in future, the officials said. They will be given special training round-the-year, they added.


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