Sports ministry further grants IGU 90 more days to fall in line

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Despite warning the Indian Golf Union (IGU) that they would be de-recognized if they failed to follow the National Sports Code, the sports ministry has further given them a 90-day deadline. The IOA has, however, slammed the sports ministry for not taking them into confidence for the same.

This was the fifth time that the golf’s amateur body got recognition by the ministry after their last one ran until June 30, 2019. The latest one would go until November 8, 2019, after the sports ministry went back on their word to de-recognize the organization if they did comply with the protocol.

The letter to IGU read, “This interim recognition of 90 days is the last opportunity given to IGU to put in place duly elected governance and comply with the NSDCI (National Sports Development Code of India), 2011. During the period of interim recognition IGU will not be entitled to any financial support directly or indirectly from the government as was the condition during the last extension,” reported TOI.

After the fourth recognition, the sports ministry had clearly warned the IGU that they would be getting no more extensions until it revamped its governance structure, convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and conducted transparent elections.

However, with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) already forming a five-member Golf Governance Committee (GGC) to supervise IGU’s affairs and the participation of Indian golfers in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, ministry’s decision didn’t go down well with them.

IOA secretary-general Rajeev Mehta said, “The ministry has no right to recognise/de-recognise a national federation. IOA as the governing body of Olympic sports in India, affiliated to various international federations, can only take that decision,” reported TOI.

The committee has not even held its first board meeting until now although Mehta has stated that it would be organised in the second week of September itself.


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