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Steam lets game developers customize their homepages

Steam has put its new Creator Homepages into open beta, letting developers and publishers customize their homepages to better show off their game catalogs. There’s a lot of flexibility — publishers can divide their portfolios up however they wish, so they could split them by genre, or fan-favorites, for example. And for new creators, or those without an extensive catalog, the space can be also be used to announce new projects or showcase concept art. Fans can follow their favorite publishers directly from their homepage to get notifications when updates, announcements or new titles are released.

As you’d expect from open beta, however, there will be some glitches while the feature is fine-tuned. On the Steam blog, Valve said that while it hasn’t worked out all of the smaller bugs or finished adding every feature it would like to, it “decided that the basic set of functionality is worth putting into the hands of players and creators,” and that it’ll look for feedback from both parties as it smooths out any rough edges going forward.

source:- .engadget

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