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Tasmania Police tips to protect your vehicle from theft

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Specifically opportunistic thieves have been walking up private driveways in some suburbs in the search for unlocked vehicles containing valuables.

Most of the cars targeted recently were left insecure and also contained cash and valuable items, which were left on display.

Police strongly recommend locking your vehicle.

This is recommended even when the vehicle is parked in your own residential driveway or carport.

Never leave valuables, including medication on display, even if you are only out of the car for a short time.

Thieves will generally look for a car that is insecure, but if they see items including wallets, iPhones or medication, they will smash a window to gain access.

To help protect your vehicle possible instances of crime, Tasmania Police urges people consider the following tips:

  • Avoid leaving wallets, handbags, phones or laptops in a vehicle – particularly overnight;
  • Don’t keep items such as cash, phones, iPods, wallets, handbags, parking meter change and medication on display;
  • If you need to park on the street at night, ensure you park in a well-lit area;
  • Close all windows and lock all doors before leaving your car, this is still relevant even if the vehicle parked on your own property;
  • Do not keep a spare car key in the car and;
  • Fit an immobiliser, steering lock or consider a car alarm if you have an older vehicle.


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