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Tech Tips: How to activate DND on your Jio SIM

Unwanted calls and SMS are annoying. We all understand how irritating it can be when you are in between of any important call or catching up on old friend after a long time on phone when suddenly you see an unknown number on waiting. You put your call on hold and take this call assuming it may be an important call but find out that it is just another stupid promotional call for caller tune or requesting to take a new bank offer.

This is why you have Do Not Disturb aka DND services. It blocks unwanted calls and SMS on your number. Almost all the telecom operators in India offer DND service. While the process of activating DND on Airtel or Vodafone is already know to many, here is how you can activate this service on your Jio SIM. Why Jio? Because Jio has a dedicated option for DND activation/deactivation inside the map which we don’t find with other companies. Jio allows you to activate the service right from your MyJio app.

Here is you can do it:

— Make sure you have MyJio app installed in your phone before you start.
— Login in to your MyJio app.

— Tap on the menu icon that you see on the top left corner of your phone.
— Go to Settings.

— Select Service Settings.

— You will now be shown several options for which you can activate DND. Choose accordingly. For example- if you want to block only banking SMS and calls, you can toggle that button on. In case you do not want to receive any promotional calls or SMS, select Full DND option given at the top of the page.

— You will receive a request confirmation SMS from Jio along with your registration request ID. The service will be activated within 7 days on your Jio number.


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