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Tech Tips: How to activate WhatsApp screen lock feature

WhatsApp has improved its security feature and now users need not have to worry much about their private chats even when their phone is left unlocked and unattended for long hours.

The chat company has added a Touch ID/Face ID security feature to the chat platform that makes its more secure. The feature, however, is available only for iOS users for now. Android users will have to wait for sometime as the feature is on its way and could reach the Android platform soon.

WhatsApp Face ID authentication feature has been in news since last year. Similar to how the app locker work in your phone, the feature adds puts a lock over your private chat conversations which can unlocked using your biometric details like fingerprints or face.

Note that you will receive the authentication feature based on the iPhone model you are using. If you are using iPhone X or any device from iPhone X family, you will get the Face ID option. Those using older iPhone models will receive the Touch ID mode for the authentication. WhatsApp has clearly sated on its website that the feature is available on iPhone 5s or later and on iOS 9 and above.

Before you learn how to activate the feature, you should know that the feature will not hide your chats from the notification panel. It still depends on your settings. You will continue to see the chats in your notification panel if you have kept the feature activated. You will be able to read as well as reply to chats from the notification bar and also answer WhatsApp calls without having to unlock the chat app.

How to activate the WhatsApp Face ID/Touch ID feature in your iPhone:

— Open WhatsApp

— Go to Settings

— Tap on Account

— Select Privacy

— Tap on Security

— Select Screen Lock

— Turn on the Touch ID or Face ID. You can tap to choose if you want the biometric authentication to apply immediately or after an interval of a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.

— Once done your WhatsApp will be locked and you will have to enter your biometric detail to unlock it.


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