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Tech Tips: Alternatives to Netflix

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Netflix recently announced a price increase, and that has some of their subscribers unhappy.
News 4 Tucson Tech Contributor Quincey Hobbs has some alternatives for streaming services in this week’s Tech Tips.

With Netflix announcing that they are raising their subscription fees and considering cracking down on those that share passwords; today seemed like the ideal time to look at some alternatives. So this week we’ll look at some Netflix alternatives that you may have heard of and some that are lesser known.

Netflix has become more than an entertainment option, for many people it has become a staple in their lives. So replacing it would be no easy feat. The obvious choices are Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Hulu enables you to not only view live and local television, but you also have access to movies and original content via Hulu’s subscription services. Also, Hulu offers a free tier of service, which Netflix does not. Amazon Prime Video sits in unique space. It’s included as a benefit of being an Amazon Prime member, so you’re paying for this indirectly. It’s probably the service that is most similar to Netflix in regards to content. YouTube is close to Hulu in composition, it offers a free and for fee tier, live television shows, and original shows and content.

If you primarily enjoy the movies on Netflix, then you may want to consider HBO Now, Hallmark Movies Now, or Fandor. HBONow provides you with the benefit of staying current with many of their weekly shows. This in addition to the regular pool of films that they keep. While the Hallmark Movies Now option is for those that prefer content that the entire family can enjoy together. Fandor, on the other hand, is for those that like independent films.

Finally, Kanopy, Selecttv, and Crackle may not be house hold names, but their low to free cost can make them a must when considering alternatives to Netflix. Kanopy is a free online streaming service with one caveat. In order to use Kanopy, you must have a library card. Seems like a small price for access to streaming content. Selecttv can be considered a lesser known version of Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. Starting at a price of nearly $3 per month, it’s crammed with all of the TV, Documentaries, and Movies to help you through the longest of weekends.

Crackle has been around for a few years but its popularity has fluctuated. This doesn’t take away from the repository of TV shows that Crackle offers free of charge.


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