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Tech Tips: Apps to make you smarter

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There’s a say that “you live and you learn”, and there’s no doubt that technology has made that easier. So this week we’ll take a look at how tech can make you smarter without tech.

Elevate is an app that seeks to improve your cognitive abilities.  Using a variety of games, Elevate personalizes the training of your brain. It claims to boost your skills in math, listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Elevate also enables you to track your progress, so that you can measure your growth over time.

Eidetic is another app that seeks to improve you mentally. Where the Elevate app improved writing, listening, speaking, reading, and math, the Eidetic app is focuses on increasing your memory and ability to recall. It uses spaced repetition, or increased intervals of time, to develop your recall capabilities.

Now that you’ve become a little more mentally agile, apps such as the Owl app, Daily Art, and Inshort will provide you with the content to learn and remember. The Owl app sends you an interesting fact every day. The facts that you are provided are sourced from reddit.

The Daily Art app does more than forward you an image of a painting daily. It also includes the story behind the work. The idea is to develop a deeper appreciation and context for a painting. The Inshort app distills news stories down to sixty words. If you’re interested in the story, you can select it and read the full story. By providing a sixty word or less summary, you are kept in the loop of current events without having to read entire articles of stories when time doesn’t permit.

Finally, and can edify in very unique ways. is the site to visit if you need to get up to speed on topics with which you may not be completely comfortable. If you found yourself wondering what net neutrality was or how Bitcoins work, then this is the site to visit. It covers health, auto, tech, money, and many other topics. is the site to visit if you want to learn a skill from an industry expert. Annie Leibovitz can teach you photography, Steph Curry can teach you ball-handling, or Ron Howard can teach you how to direct a movie.


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