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Tech Tips: How to hide your WhatsApp story from select contacts

WhatsApp Status was launched in 2017. Despite being a clone of Snapchat Stories feature, Status has seen a drastic growth in number of users and is increasingly becoming popular amidst the WhatsApp users. Latest figures reveal that the Status feature has 450 million daily active users today. The feature has received a good response from users across the globe and is probably one of the best ways after Facebook to share your photos and texts.

But some of us may have also experienced this once or twice, that awkward moment when you are barred from one of your contact’s Status viewing while the other friend who happens to be a mutual friend of you two can see his or her Status. There’s a way to get yourself unblocked from his or Status viewing but in this article we will tell you how you too can hide your Status from particular contacts on your phone.

WhatsApp Status is Snapchat’s Stories like feature that allows you to post videos, photos or texts that disappear after 24 hours of posting . All your WhatsApp contacts can view your WhatsApp Status but there’s one way to hide your stories from particular contacts. For example- say you have a nosy boss who keeps an eye on all your WhatsApp activities. You can hide your WhatsApp Status from him with these tips.

— Open WhatsApp.

— Go to Settings.

— Tap on Account.

— Go to Privacy.

— Now select Status.

— WhatsApp will ask who can your status updates.

— Your stories can be seen by all your WhatsApp contacts if you select “My contacts”.

— Tapping upon “My contacts except…” will take you to the list of all contacts in your WhatsApp. Select the names from which you want to hide your Status and done. Your Status viewing will be excluded for that person.

— There’s also a third option- “Only share with.” You can use this option to send your Status to only select person or group of people.



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