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Tech Tips: How to clear your YouTube history


YouTube is a video sharing platform that offers something to everyone. From movie and music videos to videos talking about various conspiracy theories to do it yourself videos to videos that demonstrate various science experiments – there is no dearth of videos on the platfrom. Nerdy stuff aside, YouTube is all full of videos that we don’t always want to talk about.

Let’s be honest, while we are guilty of watching offbeat videos, we are also guilty of not being careful enough while looking for them on the video sharing platform. Simply said, we all have a YouTube history that we are not so proud of. And while there are ways we ensure that our YouTube history remains pristine as ever – every heard of the Incognito mode? – slip-ups happen.

But the real question is – does it even matter if we have a slightly odd YouTube browsing history? If does, especially if you share your computer with other people as well. For starters, they will see the videos that you watched. Also, YouTube will recommend them videos – good, bad, nerdy – based on your watching habits. Now, some of these videos might enlighten others by imparting them knowledge about various things, others mights.

The best way to ensure that your secret stash of videos don’t slip up into the search window of other people is by clearing your YouTube watch history and search. Here is how you can do that:

When using the YouTube app:

– Tap on your profile image.

– Then tap on Settings options.

– Scroll down to History and Privacy section.

– Tap on Clear Watch History option.

– Now tap on Clear Search History option.

Doing so will not only wipe off all the videos that you watched but also the videos that you have searched for from all the connected devices connected with your account.

When using YouTube on web

– Open and tap on History option on the left side of the window.

– On the right side select Watch History.

– Click on Clear All Watch History option.

– Now select Search History option in the right hand side.

– Click on Clear All Search History option.


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