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Tech Tips: How to stop Facebook from draining your smartphone data


How many times have you visited Facebook to check the latest notification that you got on your smartphone and lost track of time while viewing videos from your favourite food blog? How many times have you wasted a perfectly useful evening by watching DIY videos on Facebook? How many times have you lost track of time while reading about beauty tips that give you a healthy and a glowing skin? Probably many. Let’s admit it, we all are guilty of scrolling through Facebook’s News Feed endlessly.

And if you deny it, Facebook’s ever increasing growth numbers – 1.59 billion daily active users in June 2019 and 2.41 billion monthly active users by June 30, 2019 — are a proof that you, me and billions of other people like us are addicted to its platform.

This endless surfing of NewsFeed on Facebook not only consumes a lot of time but it also consumes a lot of data. But there is a simple way using which you can limit the app from draining your smartphone data.

Here is what you need to do:

Change your Facebook settings

Facebook offers you simple settings using which you can not control the quality of the images and videos that you are upload on the popular social media platform using your smartphone but you can also control when the videos that you see in your Facebook News Feed are played. To make the changes, here is what you need to so:

– Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

– Now tap on the hamburger icon on the bottom left corner of app (iPhone users).

– Tap on Settings option under the Settings and Privacy option.

– Now scroll down and go to Media and Contacts option.

– Here type on Videos and Photos option.

– Here, toggle the Videos in News Feed start with Sound button.

– Next toggle Upload HD button under the vidoe settings.

– Toggle the Upload HD option under the photo settings.

Now, tap on Auto-play option under the video settings and either tap on on Wi-Fi Connections Only option or on Never Auto-Play Vidoes options depending on your requirement and you are good to go.

Data Saver

Facebook also offers its users a data saver option reduces the image size and disables the auto-play video option. To access this option, here is what you need to do:

– Tap on the tap on the hamburger icon.

– Now Tap on Settings and Privacy.

– Now tap on Data Saver option.


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