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Tech tips: How to use cricket stickers on WhatsApp during IPL 2019


WhatsApp has a sweet surprise for the cricket lovers in India. IPL 2019 cricket matches are already keeping the fans occupied and very soon the World Cup 2019 will renew this excitement amid the cricket fans in the country. During the ongoing cricket season, the Facebook owned social messaging app has released a new sticker pack that will enable enthusiasts to share their zeal using the right set of stickers.

WhatsApp’s new cricket-themed sticker pack includes a bunch of new interesting emojis that will enable share their enthusiasm with their family and friends on the platform. Be it saying a simple ‘No’ like an umpire or preparing to bat or convening a meeting on the ground, WhatsApp’s new cricket themed sticker pack covers every emotion the IPL 2019 enthusiasts wish to share.

But there is a catch. The new cricket themed sticker pack is available only for the WhatsApp users who are using the company’s Android app. This means that if your are iPhone user, you are out of luck…at least for now. This might seem like bummer to the iPhone users but worry not as the company has said that it would soon make the new stickers available to the users of its iOS app.

In case you are using WhatsApp’s Android app, follow these steps to download the cricket-themed stickers during the ongoing cricket season on your smartphone:

– Click on the emoji icon on bottom left corner of your WhatsApp chat window.
– Now tap on the Stickers option.
– Next, click on the plus (+) sign on the right corner of the sticker search window.
– Tap on All Stickers.
– To download the stickers, tap on the download icon next to the Cricket Matchup sticker pack on the top.

Once downloaded, the cricket stickers will appear in your sticker pack. Now follow these steps to use the cricket themed sticker:

– Open the chat you wish to share a cricket emoji in.
– Now tap on the emoji icon and then on the stickers option in the chat bar of the individual or group chat.
– In the stickers, tap on the Cricket Matchup sticker pack.
– Select the cricket themed sticker like – century, howzzat, out or 66 — that you want to share and hit send. Ta-da!


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