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Which video game remasters do you want to see next?

In recent years video game remasters have become increasingly popular, with publishers releasing updated versions of some of the most iconic titles of all time. Titles including Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2 and Mass Effect have all had the remaster treatment, with fans getting the opportunity to revisit their love for classic titles.

Despite many of our favourites being reprised for newer platforms, many classic games have been left behind, with fans missing titles from GTA to Crash Bandicoot and Sims franchises. Our latest study has analysed demand to reveal the most in-demand video game remasters.

Here at GAME, we have looked at several factors including Google search volumes, the number of articles on each title, average engagements with articles, and search trends to discover the games that fans are most desperate to play on modern consoles.

We also asked you which titles you loved the most on Twitter in the ultimate battle to name our audiences favourite.


Topping the list is GTA San Andreas. Released in 2004, the title is seventh in the GTA series and was the best selling game of the year, selling over 27.5 million copies worldwide. Our study reveals the title is searched for over 750,000 times a year on Google and has featured in 449 articles in the last year, which have bumped the title up to the top of our results.

The game was reprised in 2015, being made available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and was featured in the Xbox One Backward Compatible library in 2018. However, the game is not currently optimised to play on the newest PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

The second most in-demand game is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3&4. After the successful remaster of the first two titles, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2, fans are desperate for the third and fourth instalments of the games to be re-released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Searches for the title have increased with Google search trends up 175%, while positive reactions to articles have boosted the title into second place.

Rounding off our top three is Red Dead Redemption. Released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2010, the game was loved by critics and fans alike. According to our research, a remaster of the game is in high demand, with over 146,000 searches a year for the title. Articles on the game average 620 engagements, meaning over a decade later the game is still getting fans talking.

Also high up on our list is Bully. Whilst the game was reprised for PlayStation 4 in 2016, fans are still hoping for the title to be revived for current platforms, with over 57,000 searches a month and 91% positive reactions. GTA Vice City makes it into the top five. The 2002 title, which is set in a fictional Miami city, is searched for over 450,000 times a month making it the second most searched for title on our list.

Tomb Raider and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also make the top ten, with searches trending upward of over 50% for both titles.

One of the most talked-about possible remasters is Simpsons Hit and Run, with articles surfacing every year on the topic. With over 52,000 yearly searches and an average of 17,000 engagements per article, it’s clear to see the game is still a huge talking point and is adored by fans.

Classic titles Resident Evil, Fallout New Vegas, Chrono Cross and Buffy the Vampire Slayer round off the top 20.


Our full study includes thirty titles from various publishers. From Sims Urbz to The Simpsons Game and Resident Evil, check out the full results below.


We ran polls across five days on Twitter to find out which titles our audience were desperate to see back on their consoles.

Our audience named Simpsons Hit and Run their most wanted remaster, beating 15 other titles including Sims Urbs, Red Dead Redemption, and Tony Hawks Pro Skater in a head-to-head vote. The cartoon classic won 44% of the final vote, winning over 20% more fans than GTA San Andreas which came in second place.

Despite there being 27 Simpsons video game titles, we haven’t been able to play as the iconic family on PlayStation or Xbox consoles since the release of ‘The Simpsons Game’ in 2007, and it’s clear fans are yearning for Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie to return over 30 years after their show first aired.

Famous titles Metal Gear Solid and Bully also made it into the final four.


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