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Tie Domi details time he beat up chicken mascot after game

No one ever accused Tie Domi of backing down from a fight. Even if the fight was with a giant chicken.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the former Maple Leafs pest revealed he once took on a man in a chicken costume after a game in Junior B, when he was only 14.

According to Domi, the chicken man was taunting him from the stands during the game.

“He’s hitting the glass, making all the fans laugh,” Domi said. “And I actually just beat up somebody, so I said to him, ‘You’re next.’ Went to the dressing room after the game was over. I took my skates off. I climbed back upstairs and there was the chicken waiting for me. And I beat the s— out of the chicken. He was six-foot-six. He had the head off, but everything else on. Beat the s— out of him.

“So then I was in the back of a cop car with my hockey gear on and the chicken in the front. The cop said, ‘Well, there’s nothing we really can do about this.’ It wasn’t like I looked for it. All game he was harassing me. Cop let me go. Teammates are waiting. I had to drive two hours in my equipment, because I went right on the bus.”

Sounds like an episode of Family Guy.

Domi fought 333 times over his 1,020 games in the NHL, which is the all-time record. Now we know his origin story.

If you want to relive the magic, BeakIncV2 has collected Domi’s 10 best tilts on YouTube so we can watch him beat the feathers off of real hockey players over and over again.


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