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Tips to keep second-hand car in good condition during monsoons

Tips to keep second-hand car in good condition during monsoons

It’s started raining in Mumbai and along with it some unseen hazards also sets in. Tighten your seatbelt and keep your safety gear on. Shubh Bansal, Co-founder, Truebil tells you how to keep your second-hand car as new as before.

Keep An Eye On Tyre Treads

We need to be responsible for tyres on a regular basis because that can lead to erosion of tread on the surface. Tread are the patterns or grooves on the tyre serving an important purpose. Tyre treads add friction that helps in maintaining the grip on the road. During rain, the traction on the road is reduced and hence one needs tyres in the utmost condition with good tread grooves to keep the car from skidding and glued to the road.

Check The Wipers

Wipers are to rain as light is to dark. Rubber blades face a lot of heat during the summers and eventually tend to crack down or deform. A bad wiper will not windshield properly. So get your wiper rubbers changed in time.

Cover Your Baby

Invest in buying a decent cover for your car if you haven’t already. For the obvious reason, it protects the car from getting wet, but also stops formation when the water evaporates. Besides, it will also protect it from small debris scratching it.

Go All-In With The Lights

Be seen: You don’t want to get stuck up or bang into another car due to lack of visibility. Check for
the proper working of all lights such as Headlight, Tail lamp, Fog lamp, Indicators and reverse light.

Service Your AC!

Always remember to get your AC serviced just before the rains begin. The AC filter will be
working overtime to reduce the moisture and all the wet grime particles that enter your car and
so needs to be in the best shape. Use the car’s air conditioning to prevent the windows and
windshield from misting and condensation.

Keep The Wiring Intact And Check For The Battery Life

Batteries tend to damage during wet conditions. Protect the battery effectively by applying a coat of
petroleum jelly on its terminals. Consider carrying backup fuses. Also insulate all external wires, patch up all the loose and weak electrical connections to avoid sudden breakdowns in the rains.

Keep Your Interiors Fungus Free

Fungus loves dampness. It easily gets settled within the seats and carpets of your car. Wet and muddy shoes, wet clothes and high level of moisture can cause the insides of your car to smell. The best way to keep the water and muck off carpets is to use old newspapers as it absorbs water instantly

Stock Your Car Accessories

While the above mentioned points were the most crucial ones, there’s a lot more in a car to check so as to avoid unwanted situations. Always keep your car handy with an umbrella, torch, newspapers, medical kit, emergency contact numbers, extra set of headlamps and tail lamps.


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