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Tips for keeping your car in good shape during subzero weather

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When you’re preparing for subzero temperatures, don’t forget about your car.

Low temperatures can lead to complications with your car’s performance.

Diesel fuel, for example, can start to gel at 15 below zero. Depending on the type of coolant one uses in a vehicle, even antifreeze can begin to freeze when temperatures drop far enough.

Battery quality, tire pressure and the condition of windshield wipers all can cause problems during the brutal cold.

Mike Sokolik, store manager of the Jensen Tire location at 96th and L Streets, offers these cold weather tips:

Proper maintenance is key. Any service center can check antifreeze or engine coolant to ensure that it’s rated at 30 below or better.

Check your fluid levels, including windshield wiper fluid and oil.

If you haven’t replaced your vehicle’s battery in the past few years, consider a replacement or keep jumper cables in the vehicle.

Check your tire pressure every month during winter.

Install new windshield wiper blades. “When it comes to wiper blades,” Sokolik said, “you get what you pay for.”

Pack a winter emergency safety kit with blankets, a flashlight and jumper cables.



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