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Tips to secure your car from criminals

According to the Boksburg North SAPS communications officer, Capt Juanita Coetzer, theft of and out of vehicles is on the increase.

She offers these tips to avoid becoming a possible target:

• Don’t leave your vehicle on the pavement overnight.

• Always double check if your vehicle has been locked and that all windows are closed before walking away.

• Don’t leave your vehicle in dark and desolated places.

• Try to implement measures to improve your vehicle’s safety mechanisms (locks, alarm, tracker, etc.).

• Report suspicious people or activity.

• If your vehicle can’t be secured in a garage, park it close to the house in a well-lit area.

“If you give a criminal the opportunity to commit a crime, he will grab it with both hands,” said Coetzer.

“We encourage residents to be proactive in securing their vehicles.”


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