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Tips for Taking Care of Your Car’s Sunroof

Tips for taking care of your car's sunroof moonroof track maintenance rusted

You spent extra money to get a car with a sunroof so you can cut loose on sunny days. But, if you don’t properly maintain it, that sunroof can become a headache instead of a delight. Neglect can lead to rust, leaks, and seizing, which can permanently ruin the sunroof, the headliner, and the resale value of your car. Avoid such disasters by taking care of your car’s sunroof following these crucial maintenance methods.

Maintenance practices for taking care of your car’s sunroof

Just like how you should be cleaning the rest of your car, take time seasonally to wash off the sunroof. Scrub the glass exterior when you wash the rest of your car. Then, use a non-ammonia-based cleaner on the outside and inside so it doesn’t damage the rubber seal.

Now that the sunroof looks clean, make sure its functions aren’t impeded. Open the sunroof and vacuum out any debris that has piled up in the corners. Wipe down all moving parts with a cloth and toothbrush dipped in a a mild detergent. Use a small wire to clear any drainage clogs.  Lubricate the track and gears with a white lithium grease.

If you keep up with these habits on a regular basis, you should keep the sunroof from jamming or deteriorating. However, if you’ve neglected it for a while or purchased the car pre-owned, you’ll want to keep an eye out for problems. If you notice any damage to the rubber or felt lining that seals out moisture, have it replaced before a leak develops. If you noticed water leaking in when you wash your car, you definitely have a problem already. If the panel sounds different than it used to when you move it, or it struggles to move, its mechanical components may have internal damage.

If your sunroof needs repairs, take it to a mechanic. They can open it up and replace any broken parts.



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