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Tips To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Forecasters say the heat wave will continue in the Triad on Monday with temps in the 90’s.

The scorching weather can be fatal for children left alone in a vehicle.

About 38 children get trapped inside of a hot car and die every year.

That’s according to Kids and Cars.

It’s a non profit that tracks hot car deaths to raise awareness and prevention.

In 2018, 52 children died across the U.S. after being left in a hot car.

The latest report shows 21 children have already died so far this year.

That includes a nine month old boy in North Carolina.

Authorities say the Winston-Salem mother knowingly left her son in a hot car while at work.

But, here’s the reality, statistics show more than 55-percent of hot car death cases are accidental.

The good news is hot car deaths are preventable.

Kids and Cars offers the following safety tips for parents and caregivers to prevent hot car deaths:

  • Look Before You Lock. Check the back seat before leaving your car.
  • Create Friendly Reminders. Place something you need in the back seat, like your cell phone or handbag.
  • Set An Alarm. For long trips and before driving, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to check the car.
  • Be on alert. Pay attention and be extra attentive to children, especially during schedule changes, holidays, or emergency situations.
  • Use Drive-Thru Services. If you’re headed to a restaurant, bank, or any other service area, use the drive‐thru to avoid getting out of the car and accidentally leaving your child behind.


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