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Top tips to keep your car cool in the scorching heat this summer

Hots car cabins are a problem the world face. Even if you lived in Icelandic winter, the sun can be relentless on you and your car. While there isn’t much we can do to make Mr. Sun keep calm, but there are some inexpensive and quick ways to help protect a car’s cabin from heating up too much, which is not only harmful to us humans but also speeds up wear and tear of the car. We, in India, need to take these tips much more seriously because let’s be honest our summers are worse. Hence, we’ve put together some easy DIY methods to keep your car cool this summer, and well, for the summers to come.

While Parked

Try to find a parking spot under some kind of shade or facing away from the sun, however, it won’t always be possible so another handy method is to leave blankets on the seats. This way, the blankets will be exposed and the seat will be shielded from the direct sunlight. The blankets will surely be hot when you return to your car but simply toss them in the boot.

While using blankets is a free of cost method, assuming you won’t especially buy blankets for your car, another way out is to use sunshades. They’re easily available for the front and rear windshields, and for the windows as well.

A car cabin is bound to get hot under the sun. The temperature inside a car can be more than the outside, as the heat gets trapped inside. A simple way to help the situation a bit is too leave the windows open a bit – that’s a bit, a few centimeters if you like.

When you return to your car after it has spent some time under the sun, don’t simply start the air-conditioning with the windows all rolled up. Open the windows for a while and let the hot air escape for a minute or two.

While Driving

While it isn’t safe to have window shades on while driving, cars windows and windscreen can be tinted. However, keep in mind that anything beyond the visual light transmission (VLT) limit of 70% for the front and rear windshields and 50% for the side windows is punishable as per the Motor Vehicle Act in India.

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Keep a check on coolant levels in your car. When the car is full, the driver can rest assured it is circulating and help to keep the engine cool. Keep an extra bottle of coolant in the boot in case of emergencies.

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Besides the engine, the tyres too get hot very easily on a hot day. Keep a check on tyre pressure levels and make sure they are inflated properly since underinflated tyres use more surface area and hence there’s more friction while spinning which leads to more heat. But don’t inflate them too much either, stick to the PSI prescribed for your car.


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