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Vivaldi’s massive update brings tab management and a refreshed UI to its privacy-focused browser

Vivaldi’s massive update brings tab management and a refreshed UI to its privacy-focused browser ...

Vivaldi browser – a brainchild of Opera’s co-founder Jon von Tetzchner – has launched its first major upgrade since its initial release in 2016. The company claims that Vivaldi 2.0 has more than 1,500 improvements over the first version. These include encrypted data sync, extensive tab management, and a customizable user interface. Here are some of the best features:

Customizable interface: The company has refreshed the browser’s interface to give it a new look. It now allows you to use a vertical tab bar, and optionally move the address bar to the bottom. Additionally, you can use adaptive themes that change color according to the dominant shades on the website you’re visiting. You can also have these themes change automatically throughout the day.

Privacy-focused user data sync: In Vivaldi 2.0, you can sync all your browsing data – including history, bookmarks, and notes – seamlessly across devices. Von Tetzchner told TNW that this data is protected with end-to-end encryption with a second password after sign-in.

This is better than Chrome’s current implementation, which automatically signs people into the browser when they sign into any of Google’s services – this is an important feature to which may give users the impression that their data is being synced with the cloud.Tab management:  The first version of the browser let you stack, pin, and mute tabs. With this update, you can additionally view two tabs at once in a split screen view; you can also see all your tabs in a list view, and this should make it easier to switch between them.

Refreshed sidebar: The new sidebar now holds shortcuts to download, history, notes, bookmarks and web panels (floating web apps) for quick access.

Easier Navigation: Vivaldi 2.0 allows customized mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts for ninja-like movement across the browser. Additionally, the browser history section has a new look, with a calendar view and charts for in-depth analysis of where you’ve been pottering about online.

Von Tetzchner told TNW that the company is focused on providing a unique user experience by keeping privacy at the core. He added that the team will now work hard on making a mobile version of the browser. source:-TNW

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