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Volkswagen looking to locally manufacture its MQB platform in India

Volkswagen looking to locally manufacture its MQB platform in India

Volkswagen uses its MQB platform for a range of products in India and across the globe. However using the platform wasn’t exactly cost effective for VW especially since it wanted to enter the more affordable segments and that’s where Tata’s AMP platform had come into the picture thereby contemplating a venture. However since the deal was called off (you can read about it here) VW had to think up other ways.

According to recent developments, Volkswagen AG is considering a proposal to bring in the Modular Transverse Matrix or MQB platform in India. If at all VW decides to manufacture the platform in India, it would also mean significant investments considering Skoda, Audi and VW cars are built on the same platform.

As mentioned before, the MQB platform forms the base for a number of VW models which also helps in faster introduction of new models as well as in saving costs. Also VW has been able to adapt to standardization across its products by using this platform and has also widened its product offering through a multitude of its own brands. With the MQB, VW will not only be able to bring in cars below the Polo but at the same time can also manufacture bigger cars from the Skoda and Audi stable. Keep watching this space for more!


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