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Which Cancer Type Gets the Least Attention?

World Cancer Day 2020: Here's when the risk of cancer relapse is the highest | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

It should come as no surprise to say that most people are concerned about cancer. Every person knows at least one person that has had, currently has or has died from cancer. It is incredibly prevalent and is the second leading cause of death. There a many different forms and types of cancer and each one has a different impact. The same cancer seems to have a different impact on each person it touches. This makes it incredibly scary. If you asked every person, each one would have a different type of cancer that scares them the most. Most women would probably say breast cancer. Most men would probably say prostate cancer. It is obvious why those are major concerns.

Breast cancer specifically gets a lot of attention. There is a great deal of money donated to the cause and many great strides have been made with the research. There is one cancer that has the highest rate of mortality far and above the rest. Lung cancer, including lung cancer caused by asbestos, is the number one cause of cancer deaths among men and women in the US. Interestingly, most people are not at all concerned about lung cancer even though there were over 140,000 lung cancer deaths in the US in 2019.

Lung cancer, including mesothelioma, is one of the least supported and talked about cancers. Less money is allocated to lung cancer research on a federal level. About 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, but it has less funding than other cancers. The life expectancy for those with mesothelioma is not great. It is usually about 12 months to 22 months from the point of diagnosis. There still is not a lot of support or funding for this type of cancer.

When there is not a lot of support for people while they are undergoing treatment for cancer, it can be even more challenging for people. Just about everyone with this diagnosis is facing death and that is a difficult situation for the individual and the family. The family may be concerned about how to pay the medical bills after the person passes away. There may be a way that the mesothelioma settlement fund to provide assistance with help paying those bills if the family wins a decision in a lawsuit. While this will not bring back the family member, it may help resolve some of the worries that the family has as a result of the loss of money.

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