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Winter car care tips

Except in some parts of the country, India usually has a warm weather. However, during winters (December-February) certain parts witness snowfall and in some places it gets mildly chilly. Cars being our loyal friend, they need a little winter care too. Here below are a few tips to get your car ready this winter.

Engine Idling

During cold starts it is advisable to let the engine idle for about a minute. Do not rev the engine, as the engine oil takes a bit longer to reach the moving parts. Revving the engine needlessly will increase the wear rates as well as waste fuel. In sub-zero temperatures, it is advisable to leave the ignition on for about 5-10 seconds, before activating the starter motor. The process will allow fuel pumps time to pressurise the car’s electrical system and allow a complete diagnostics check first, saving the battery the extra stress of performing these tasks.

Paint protection

Rising pollution levels is not just affecting human health but also damages the paint on your vehicle. Reports have revealed that early morning dew and fog form sulphuric and nitric acids which eat away the car’s paintwork gradually. To prevent paint damage, regular washing/cleaning and good waxing is recommended.

Tyre health check

This step is particularly import for those who drive around or plan to visit a snowy region sometime soon. Winter tyres are a must whenever you decide to drive around in sub-zero temperatures. As compared to regular tyres, winter tyres are more capable of staying flexible at low temperatures. This means that they can provide improved traction when you’re trying to stop and turn on cold pavement, even if there’s no snow on the ground. Maintaining recommended tyre pressure is also important as it loses about 454 grams (one pound) per square inch with every 10-degree drop in air temperature.

Lubricating the doors

Cold and chilly weather might also cause the car doors to jam or make a squeaky sound. Using something as basic as a Vaseline moisturizer, will help in lubricating lubricate the gasket thereby preventing ice formation between the rubber seals and the door. Applying some of good quality lubricant on door joints is also a good idea as it will eliminate or prevent any unpleasant squeaky sound every time you open or shut the car doors.


Opt for engine oils which are specially formulated for low temperature operation. Regular engine oils tend to get thicker and will need a few minutes before it performs optimally. It is advisable to check the vehicle’s window defroster and climate control system to keep you safe and warm during your commute.


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