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New Years’ Resolutions are as varied as the individuals who make them, but there are a few staple categories. There are a few apps that can aid you accomplishing your resolution.

For many people, exercising more or adopting a healthier lifestyle is a top priority. Apps like 30Day Fitness Challenges are designed to ease you back in to an active life. This app focuses on one exercise that uses your own bodies weight and begins with low repetitions and gradually increases over the course of 30 days. You should have a noticeable improvement at the end of each month. The areas of focus can change and you can also change the level of intensity from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced, so you have plenty of room to develop.

Gym Plan is an app for those that prefer to lift weights instead of using body weight. Gym Plan does as the name implies and crafts a plan for your use at the gym. It accounts for your age, current weight, and weight or physical goals. There are video-supported workouts that guide you through whatever area of focus that you may choose.

Skimble is another workout app option. Skimble differs from Gym Plan in that it in addition to the library of training videos, Skimble also can help you find an online trainer for 1 on 1 training sessions.

Another resolution staple is the desire to rein in spending and personal finance.  Mvelopes is an app and service that strives to help people make better financial choices. It does this by managing and tracking what you spend via the app. More advanced features include an interactive financial learning center and a personal finance trainer. Digit is another app that helps you save money. Digit moves small amounts of money from your bank account to your digit savings account. This is done daily and the amounts are small enough where it won’t cause an overdraft in your account.  The acorn app is the app that rounds up the cost of your purchases and uses the collective difference as a means to invest. So essentially whenever you purchase something the cost is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the amount that is over the actual cost of your purchase is saved and invested for you.

Finally, de-stressing is a goal for many people in the New Year. The headspace app uses conventions such as screen dimming and notification blocking as just a few of the means to help you de-stress by crafting a phone life balance. Meditation Studio is another app option to help with stress. This app provides both guided and unguided meditations that cover topics such as pep talks, slowing down, profound relaxation and more.


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