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Women Church Suits – A buying guide

Women Church Suits

When you go to church, the outfit you wear is perhaps the most elegant one that you will put on each Sunday. People do not only go to church to pray, but they also attend the service for the social activities that happen after it. When you are at your church, you will want to show the best picture of yourself and here is how you can choose the best church suit:

1. Select the proper color

As you do with your other clothes, you should have your church suits in a wide range of colors. You should keep in mind that you should choose the colors of your suit by the season. During autumn and winter, darker colors live navy blue or dark green is more appropriate and during spring and summer, you should choose brighter colors like baby blue or a soft shade of pink. You could even choose floral patterns or designs.

Women Church Suits

2. Choose the right fit

You should never buy a suit (or any clothes), without trying it first. You will not want to be in something that is either too small or too big for you. Firstly, it will not look flattering on you. Secondly, it can be quite uncomfortable yo wear clothes that are not your size. You will be wearing it before, during, and after the service, hence, you will not want to wear something that you cannot sit, stand, and move properly in.

3. Stay within your set budget

Like everything else, the suits will come in a wide range of prices. Depending on how much money are you willing to spend, you can get something more expensive from a well-known designer, or you could get something cheaper from a lesser-known designer. There are also suits that are mid-level, which means that you can buy them for 200 to 400 dollars. Of course, this tip will only depend on how much money you want to spend on these items.

4. Pants or skirts?

Usually, the church suit you choose is completed by a skirt or pants on the bottom, a nice blouse, and a jacket on top. In order to stick to your Sunday best, this is often suggested. You should NEVER buy a skirt that is above the knees or that has a slit on the side. It will not be conservative enough to be worn on these occasions. When you try a skirt on, you should sit down and see how it looks and feels like in a specific position. If you want to see some ideas, click here.

Women Church Suits
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5. Do not forget to accessorize

What will truly complete your outfit is the accessories you choose to combine with it. Just think about how beautiful those fancy hats, pearl necklaces, and diamond earring will look with your outfit. When you are at the shop, you can ask the shop clerk to give you some advice on the accessories that will go with the suit.


By following these tips, you can make sure that you will choose a suit that will be comfortable and that will look great on you.


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