Working Together to Improve Construction Site Safety

It is common to hear people say that “time is money” when they are talking about work in the construction industry. Crews and project managers are under constant pressure to meet deadlines while staying within the client’s budget. At times, in order to achieve this goal, safety procedures fall by the wayside. Thankfully, there are a number of positive things that construction companies can do to stay safe on the job.

Expect Safety Procedures to Be Followed

Employees will live up to or live down to what their employers expect. OSHA lays out clear regulations for safety. Construction companies, and especially individuals in management positions, must enforce these standards and set the example by going above and beyond what is required in the field of safety.

When clear expectations are laid out from the beginning, everyone will understand what is required of them, they will see the importance of taking personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of others, and they will not be surprised when there are consequences for failing to uphold safety standards. This will create an environment where everyone is encouraged to work together to reach the goal of preventing injuries.

Trust Is Key

If employees do not feel comfortable discussing injuries or incidents that take place on the worksite, there is a higher chance of injuries occurring. There are number of reports showing that individuals knew that an injury or an accident took place at work but did not speak up for fear of reprisal. An environment of trust is necessary in order to create a culture that promotes the safety of all.

Management should take advantage of available tools, such as easypower software, that make the job of monitoring different safety concerns a lot easier. When available safety tools are used, some of the safety monitoring becomes almost automatic.

By planning ahead, ensuring that all pre-work activities and schedules are laid out before the work starts, and by building a strong bond of trust and communication, employers can go a long way in improving the safety of workers on construction sites.

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