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Apple iPhone X: the rumors that ended up wrong

The last several days have been filled with reactions, memes and comments what the new iPhone is and what isn’t. A lot of rumors and alleged live images appeared and while many of them turned out real and gave us a good idea of what to expect, some of them ended up to be unfounded speculations.

Everything started with a suggestion from analysts KGI Research that the anniversary iPhone might come with a “Function Area” to occupy the lower portion of its OLED panel. At one point we even thought a TouchBar might be in place, but the iPhone X has a seamless screen with the usual distribution despite its taller aspect.


A lack of fingerprint scanner in the flagship iPhone came out as a surprise for many, especially when multiple rumors and images suggested the reader may be placed either under the screen or on the back. We saw cases and even alleged prototypes, but they were proven to be fake.



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