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Buying Guide: The Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Under Rs 5,000

Buying Guide: The Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Under Rs 5,000

True wireless earphones are steadily picking up popularity. By clipping away all wires, true wireless earphones provide great convenience of usage — be it when you’re at the gym, in public transport, at work or even at home. On top of that, with more easily available chips at hand and the advent of Bluetooth 5, true wireless earphones have come to the mainstream segment as well. Today, we have a bunch of companies, some well known and some newbies, who offer a compelling set of true wireless earphones that you can buy today. While some offer surprisingly good audio, others offer a good set of features and a compelling design to strengthen their case. On this note, here are three pairs of true wireless earphones that we have been using recently, and are worth checking out if you are on the lookout for true wireless earphones within Rs 5,000 in India.

Good overall sound: Crossbeats Pebble

The Crossbeats Pebble (review) actually impressed us the most in terms of the sound profile that it offers. At Rs 4,999, the Crossbeats Pebble offers a solid, warm sound signature, with a good balance of clean bass and prominent highs. It also offers a pleasant sound profile that suits a wide range of genres, and the only compromise is the mids, which means that vocals on certain tracks can sound a bit low. However, the Pebble does offer great loudness, and comparatively clean audio quality. Within this price, the Crossbeats Pebble is an impressive package, and one that exceeded our expectations in terms of overall performance.

We also regard the Crossbeats Pebble as among the best in its class in terms of overall design. The Pebble has a simple, single-button usage profile that lets you pause tracks and receive calls seamlessly. There are no major pairing issues either, and battery life is good too.

Balanced performance: Realme Buds Air

The Realme Buds Air (review) has been accused of being too much of an AirPods lookalike. However, that should not hamper your perspective of the Buds Air, since at Rs 3,999, Realme has offered a compelling package in terms of the sound that it offers. The Buds Air offers slightly more balanced mids than the Pebble mentioned above, but its sound performance is not as ‘clean’ as we would like it to be. On overall terms, however, it is still quite reliable, and one that should work for a whole range of genres.

Alongside its looks, the Buds Air also offers gesture-based feature, wherein the sound pauses when you take it off. That said, don’t rely on the gestures too much, as they turned out to be inconsistent in our experience. While you do make compromises, the Realme Buds Air is an interesting overall package that offers good value for your money, making it a decent purchase at this price.

Stretching the budget: 1More Stylish

If you really want a pair of true wireless earbuds, the bad news is that your best bet is to overspend a little, and go for the 1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds (review). The good news, however, is that you get a really good product for the price you pay. Available on sale at Rs 5,500 at the time of writing and otherwise priced at Rs 6,999, the 1More Stylish true wireless earbuds offer the best audio performance, with a great balance of highs, mids and lows to boot. It also has great audio clarity, coupled with nice soundstaging as well. It is also the best of the bunch that we have recently tested, in terms of making calls on the move in crowded areas.

The only area where 1More loses points is in overall design and build quality. It also has just one button that can be used to take calls, and/or pause the sound. That, though, should not take away from the fact that the 1More Stylish is an excellent pair of true wireless earbuds, one which is the most consistent among the true wireless earphones within a budget that we have tried of late.


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