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Buying Guide: This is the screen cleaner used by Apple stores

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e use our phones everywhere: to look up recipes in the kitchen, to listen to music on the train, to kill time in a place most people won’t admit they use their phones. But if you ask most people how often they clean their screen, they might be hesitant to give an honest answer. If you want to banish bacteria, fingerprints, and smudges from your phone screen, turn to the screen cleaner used by Apple stores.

Safe Ingredients (For You and Your Phone)

If you’re cleaning your phone with rubbing alcohol, you could be permanently damaging the coating on your screen. Whoosh screen cleaner is specifically designed for smartphones and consumer electronics without etching or damaging the device. It’s also alcohol and ammonia free, so the phone that you’re touching and holding up to your face is just as safe for you.

Comprehensive Cleaning Kit

This screen cleaner from Whoosh comes as a package deal on Amazon. The kit includes a one ounce bottle of cleaner (a little goes a long way), and two microfiber cloth that can remove smudges from not only your phone, tablet, and computer, but also your TV and reading glasses.

Why Customers Love It

With nearly 2,000 reviews and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that Amazon customers love this screen cleaning product just as much as Apple stores. Customers loved that this product was completely odorless, left zero streaks on their devices, and kept the oleophobic screen coating on phones intact.


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