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Cars are complex: 9 tips to ease purchasing and maintenance anxiety


Buying a car is complex and the pressure of a sales floor can be intimidating.

“Whenever you buy a house or make any large financial decision, you always want to get an expert the same as when you are renovating your home, you definitely want a contractor,” said Kiran Rancourt, marketing manager at Barnes Wheaton GM South Surrey.

Purchasing a vehicle may be one of the most important financial decisions you make in your lifetime. Like purchasing a home, there are all kinds of factors to consider before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

Barnes Wheaton have compiled a list of important factors to keep in mind when purchasing and maintaining your vehicle:

• Vehicles are very complex. Read your owner’s manual from front to back. Guaranteed you will learn things you never knew about.

• Servicing at your dealership is not more expensive than your friendly neighborhood Garage. And dealerships know your vehicle best.

• Shop for a vehicle sales consultant, not a Salesperson. A consultant works for you. A salesperson works for themselves.

• Too much focus is put on reviews, rather than finding a vehicle that meets all of your specific needs and wants. Follow your heart and personal preference.



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