Lenovo’s Zuk Brand May Not Be Dead After All, Hints Company CEO

Lenovo's Zuk Brand May Not Be Dead After All, Hints Company CEO

Lenovo’s Zuk brand has been existing for the Chinese company as a separate entity altogether, and Zuk phones have been there targeted at the online market for a few years now. However, the company has faced cannibalisation queries in the past due to similar kind of pricing seen in the Zuk and Lenovo brands.

A new Zuk smartphone has now been tipped to arrive soon after the company CEO dropped a hint. On Weibo, Chang Cheng CEO Zuk brand and former Lenovo VP has indicated that the company may soon release the Zuk Z3. Cheng’s Weibo post received a lot of replies asking about the Zuk Z3, and one of the replies from CEO showed affirmative signs that it may be launch after all.

Cheng’s Weibo post also revealed an interesting bit that the company will be holding four different events in three months between July and September. Unfortunately, there’s no clarity on whether the Zuk CEO’s Weibo post was related to the brand or the company (Lenovo). It seems we have to wait until the first device is announced. The Weibo post was first spotted by GizmoChina.

Last year, Lenovo revealed to Gadgets 360 that it was killing the Zuk branding in India due to lack of brand presence in the country. To recall, Lenovo last year launched the Zuk Z2, the second smartphone under its Zuk sub-brand in China. The company, however, ditched the Zuk branding for the Indian market. The phone launched in India as the Lenovo Z2 Plus. The Lenovo Z2 Plus was essentially the same smartphone that was launched in China as the Zuk Z2 last year. Talking to Gadgets 360, Anuj Sharma, Head of Product Marketing, Smartphones, Lenovo MBG India had revealed that time that the Z2 Plus will have the Zuk branding on the box, with the text ‘Powered by Zuk’ as a hat tip for the Zuk team.


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