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Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG coupe competition check

Mercedes-Benz GLC43 AMG coupe competition check

Another day, another AMG Mercedes and this is the 10th one in India to be precise. But don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good thing, after all it’s a nice combination- all the frills of the three-pointed star but with dollops of performance that come with the AMG badge. This time around, it’s the GLC43 AMG which is a unique as it’s a coupe SUV and only the third one to be sold in India. It’s a niche product but in plum premium SUV range, which puts it in competition with some very established players. Here is our take on the competition for the GLC43 AMG coupe.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
The American automaker’s big SUV has both its diesel and petrol model priced at the bracket which is 75.15 lakhs. For this kind of money, you can have a big diesel V6 or big petrol V6 depending on your choice and use. It’s filled with segment standard features and in addition, you also get the Jeep heritage and branding.

Technically, the BMW X5 is a segment higher but given the GLC43´s CBU nature; they end up in the same price bracket. This then, is a case of traditional SUV versus the more modern coupe SUV which oddly enough, was a style that BMW created with the X6. Both the X5 in the 30d trim as well as the 30i trim offer similar levels of equipment as the GLC43 but sans the performance and handling that one would get from a specialist tuned vehicle like the latter.

Audi Q7
In this fray, the Q7 is one of the two seven-seater SUVs coming into a similar price bracket. It has got Audi’s latest design philosophy along with a potent diesel engine as well as features like the virtual cockpit to match the likes of the GLC43 AMG. Currently it’s only available as a diesel but we expect that Audi will introduce a petrol model in India soon.

Jaguar F-Pace
This is Jaguar’s first SUV and a pretty decent attempt at that. Globally you can have it with a range of petrol and diesel engines, but in India you only get it with the latter. The variant that matches the GLC43 on price is an entry-level variant and thus you don’t get a lot of kit for that kind money. However, it’s a bit niche like the GLC43 and that, currently, should be its major selling point.

Volvo XC90
It is the largest vehicle that Volvo makes and will soon becomes a locally assembled product in India later this year. You get Volvo’s latest design, technology and of course that giant touchscreen that is a display for most functions in the car. However, the small diesel engine is quite puny when you compare it to the rivals, especially something like the GLC43 AMG


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