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Protect Your Tables From Apple HomePod With These Tips

The HomePod is Apple’s latest innovation, a smart speaker designed to play your music while also listening to your commands. An Amazon Echo with Siri instead of Alexa. Unlike the last major new Apple product, the HomePod, fortunately, doesn’t steal your face. But that doesn’t mean the tech doesn’t have issues of its own.

For a company so obsessed with clean design, Apple HomePod early adopters were shocked to discover the device was leaving strange, disfiguring white ring stains on wooden surfaces. According to Apple, “the marks can be caused by oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface,” and that it’s “not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-dampening silicone base to leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces.”

But as accurate as that answer may be, folks obviously aren’t too happy their shiny new Apple product may mess up their tables, and that Apple doesn’t really have any answers. Fortunately, we do. Here are some quick, completely legitimate tips for protecting your table from Apple HomePod.

Use Coasters/Doilies

The HomePod isn’t the first case of stuff messing up tables with weird rings. Just ask anyone who drinks. And humanity has already come up with a solution. Just slap some doilies or coasters under that HomePod and you should be golden.

Use a Single Paper Towel

If doilies and coasters are too fancy for you (just try to say doilies out loud without hating yourself) just use one single old-fashioned paper towel as a buffer between the HomePod and your table. Plus, you already need paper towels for lots of other stuff anyway.

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Use an Old T-Shirt

Having a brand new Apple HomePod right at launch, while cool, can make one seem… elitist. So bring yourself back down to earth and protect your table at the same time by plopping the HomePod right on top of some old dumb t-shirt.

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Use an Apple Coffee Table Book

If you want to keep your HomePod protection plan within the Apple family, get yourself this big Apple coffee table book. Not only does it have gorgeous images of Apple’s iconic tech design throughout the years for you to show off to guests, it’s also already meant to go on tables, so just put it underneath your HomePod.

Use Flour/Cocaine

The first thing that came to mind when looking at the HomePod rings was obviously Apple is covering these things in cocaine. So if your table is going to be covered in cocaine, you might as well cover the whole thing in cocaine, or flour if you want that sweet white powder without “breaking the law.”

Use a New Table

Maybe the HomePod is just Apple’s passive-aggressive way of saying your table isn’t worth saving. The issue only seems to affect wooden surfaces anyway. So if your HomePod messes up one table, just throw it out and get a new one. Planned obsolescence.

Amazon Echo

Use an Amazon Echo

You could try to deal with these early issues of the Apple HomePod. But why not just save yourself the trouble and get an Amazon Echo, a better and cheaper product that’s already had time to work out its kinks.


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