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‘Red Dead 2’ And ‘God Of War’ Lead The 2018 Game Awards Nominations: Here’s The Full List

The Game Awards is the closest thing our industry has to the Oscars, and while the kinks are still being worked out, it’s evolved into a pretty solid show over the last few years, a combination between an awards show and E3 where a lot of new games and footage make their debut.

As for the awards themselves, Geoff Keighley has just released the full, massive list of nominees, and it should surprise no one that Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War are both leading the pack, each with eight nominations. Spider-Man has seven, so that’s 15 for PS4’s two high profile exclusives alone.

Since gaming is a complicated category, we have things like Best Ongoing Game which encompasses titles people are still playing, but they didn’t come out in 2018 like Destiny and Fortnite. I think we should probably have a Best Actor and Best Actress split at this point instead of lumping them all together for Best Performance, but that’s the case again this year.

We have awards for each genre, which are always confusing because if a game is nominated there AND for Game of the Year, it seems like they should automatically win, no? And then we wrap up with a Best Content Creator award that feels like it will likely break Ninja’s way, though I’m not sure if that category is popular vote or not.


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