Suddenly, coronavirus wipes almost all of our sports off the landscape

Spring training ballparks, like almost all other sports venues, will be empty indefinitely.

FORT MYERS, Fla. — It is a deadly global threat that has nothing to do with sports. And yet in two days, it has become one of the biggest sports stories of all time.

It is breathless and ever-changing. It moves at warp speed toward . . . the unknown.

And it feels fruitless to say or write anything about it because by the time you read these words, so much will have changed. There is simply no way to keep up with the impact of the coronavirus on our North American sports leagues, teams, and tours.

Our nation’s capital is basically shut down. Kids are staying home from school. College students have been ordered to evacuate. Hospitals are preparing for what could be a dangerous and unmanageable surge. Broadway is dark. Disneyland is shutting down Saturday. Whole Foods has been rendered less than whole.

And sports fans of America are going to have to watch ESPN “30 for 30” documentaries and grainy World Series highlight reels to satisfy their daily fix. North American sports has hit the pause button. No more games. Not for a while, anyway.


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