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Tech Tips: How to go Incognito on YouTube and watch all the offbeat videos without embarrassing yourself

ouTube has made it easier to watch all those offbeat videos which you may not be comfortable watching in groups or with your family. It can be embarrassing at times when a younger one in your house or a friend at work is going through your YouTube videos and suddenly a private video that you saw last night starts showing up in the search.

To avoid such embarrassing moments, YouTube has launched an Incognito Mode in the app that will allow you to watch all kinds of videos without leaving a trace of them in your browsing history or in the search.

As per the reports, this feature will now be limited to only Android users for now. Toggling the feature on will stop your search history from being tracked. Similar to Google, the feature will turn the background grey and some reports also suggest that the YouTube has merged the Sign out and Switch account into one to fit in the Incognito mode option inside.

Here is how you can enable the feature in your app :

— Open the YouTube app.

— Tap on your account icon.

— Tap on the Turn on Incognito.

— First-time users will see a pop-up message, tap on Got it.

Once the mode is on, you will see that your YouTube icon has changed to the Incognito symbol that you see in Chrome. A black bar at the bottom will read “You’re Incognito.” Videos that you watch in incognito will not show up in your search or your browsing history.

Please note that going Incognito does not hide your activity from Google, your employer or the Internet provider. It only hides your activity in the search or history just like Google does with Incognito.


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