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Top ten monsoon tips for your car no one told you about

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he monsoon has arrived with gusto, and before it gets out of hand, which it usually does for some people (Mumbai people, we get you!), here are top ten tips to protect your 4-wheeled friend from the unforgiving rains.

Tip number 1:

Get your car cleaned and wax polished, and make use of paint protection film/ceramic paint protection. Once done, water will not accumulate on the surface, and any dust, dirt, or leaves lurking around the confines of wheel caps, engine bay area should be removed periodically.

If not done properly, the dirt and muck may ‘stick’ around and may damage the lovely paint. Make it a habit to wipe your car every morning after rains to get rid of the leaves, small twigs and dirt from your car’s nooks and crannies.

Tip number 2:

DO NOT COVER YOUR CAR WITH A COVER! Instead, park it under a shed, or better still, in your basement. The main reason is that after it rains on your car cover covering your car – although the cover protects it from the leaves and most of the water, it tends to stick to it.

Which means it can stick to the car surface and is capable to peel off the paint when the cover is being removed. If that happens, it’s going to be ‘such pain, much wow’ for you as the paint peels off along with the cover.

Tip number 3:

Always make it a habit to clean out the dirt and leaves accumulated under the bonnet over the engine, and under the boot lid. The reason being the rains on a frequent basis gets allows dirt and leaves to get under the bonnet and boot lid, in turn, which can cause blockage in water drainage gutters which will lead to water accumulation in the door crevices and various other spots causing rust and weakening of the chassis. Also, check if all the drain plugs are in place.

Get your car the underbody rust treatment.

Tip number 4:

Save the underbody! One of the places which get ‘fudged’ during the rains is the underbody. The punishment level increases when water starts accumulating on roads. To save the underbody from rust and weakening, use a mixture of diesel and used engine oil and spray it on the underbody which will protect the underbody and moving parts from rust.

This mixture can also be sprayed on the suspension springs on the four wheels, however, make sure you don’t spray it on engine/exhaust components, and on the brake discs which may lead to loss of braking.

Tip number 5:

Now comes the interior, which will probably see a lot of wet rear-ends and dirty mud-covered shoes (off-roaders, are you listening?). Wet clothes, wet and muddy shoes, and the presence of a massive amount of moisture in the air may cause your car’s cabin to smell like a wet dog. Of course, everyone loves dogs, but no one likes a wet cabin smelling like a wet dog!

Use dry towels for the seats and newspapers for the floor. Simple!

Also, keep the steering and the dashboard dry and not wet. Moisture may cause a formation of mold which can be harmful to you and your passengers.

Tip number 6:

One of the important pre-requisites for the rain is to get your AC serviced. Yes, get that thing serviced A-S-A-P! Considering it will be working overtime because of all the extra moisture inside the cabin.

Tip number 7:

Shake that defogger! If your car does not have a defogger, don’t worry. Turn the blower speed to the max and change the intake into fresh air mode, which will almost instantly defog your windscreen. If your car has a rear defogger, then use it to de-fog your windscreen, which will be useful when driving in pouring rain.

Also, get your wipers checked if there is enough rubber. Not enough rubber may cause slipping of the wiper in an improper manner, leading to scratches on the windscreen.

Tip number 8:

This is one of the most important parts. Check your tire tread to see if it has got a grip, without which you may very well be converted into Ken Block, spinning and sliding, which can be very dangerous for you and your passengers. On the tire, check if the tire wear marker is visible or not, or you can insert a 10-rupee coin, and if you can see the gold part, you need new tires.

Quick pro tip: check all four tires and your spare tire.

Tip number 9:

Keep your headlamps clean. Use your blinkers during heavy rain, and use your low beam when driving. Using a high beam on your headlamp may result in temporary blindness to the driver coming from the opposite direction. Turn on hazard lights if the rain gets heavy.

Tip number 10:

Drive slower than you normally would. Driving fast may result in aquaplaning which happens when tires completely lose traction when driving over a small puddle, or watery street, and result in the car going out of control. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

Quick pro tip: Use a cab.


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