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Women in tech: Career tips and resources for female IT pros and diversity resources for employers

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It is no secret that there is a gender gap in tech. Whether that relates to the number of women getting hired for high-level digital jobs or the salary they’re paid for the same job as men, it often serves as a roadblock to women’s confidence in climbing their way to the top of their industry.

TechRepublic has covered gender relations in the tech world extensively, and this list features career tips for women in IT and recommendations for employers on how to close the tech gender gap.

A study by SmartAsset revealed the best cities for women in the tech industry to work. The findings were based on the gender pay gap, representation, employment growth, and income.

In 2015, reports found that women held only 25% of professional computing occupations. This article details the top 8 companies for women in tech as ranked by female employees.

Both men and women are now more likely to start coding before age 16 than in the past, but gender gaps in senior positions remain.

5 ways women can build a career in tech without learning how to code

Adrienne Weissman, chief customer and growth officer at G2 crowd, said that the pressure to code is on for women trying to break into the tech industry, but it isn’t required to get a job. This article details more of Weissman’s advice and shows how women can break into tech without coding.

TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome talked with Sue Freas, director of software engineering at Appriss, about her advice to managers about being mindful of diversity. Freas also discussed how women can break into leadership positions.

5 pitfalls women tech leaders must avoid

This article details five common traps women often fall into as they climb the leadership ladder in their workplace and offers tips on how to avoid them.

Closing the tech gender gap: How women can negotiate a higher salary

Learning how to negotiate a better salary may be a step in solving tech’s gender gap problem. This article explores the difference in pay among women in tech based on their age and experience and offers tips on how to ask for better pay.

SEE: The state of women in computer science: An investigative report (cover story PDF) (TechRepublic)

60% of tech companies working to eliminate biases, recruit and hire women

Despite the number of hurdles standing in the way of women in tech, this survey shows a light at the end of the tunnel—more tech professionals are working toward better equality.

Only 49% of women in tech feel they are treated equally to their male colleagues

According to reporting from Indeed, women working in tech don’t make as much as their male counterparts and report not receiving as many opportunities. This article delves further into the Indeed research.

SEE: IT leader’s guide to achieving workplace diversity (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

Tech’s gender gap is getting worse, not better, report says

Though there is already a lack of women filling tech roles, a report from Accenture and Girls Who Code found that it could only get worse if no one intervenes. This article explores the reasons for the shortage and why fixing it is in the hands of tech companies, teachers, and parents.

How to address the gender pay gap: 5 tips for business leaders

This article offers tips to business leaders on creating a more equal work environment including pay rates. It also delves into findings from a Visier Insights report that discusses statistics about gender in the workplace.

How much is diversity in tech worth? $400B says CompTIA CEO

CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux said that the right diversity efforts could potentially generate an extra $400 billion in revenue each year for the IT industry. This report details why.

Why having more women in tech management is good for business

Johanna Mikkola, CEO of coding bootcamp Wyncode, spoke with TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson about shrinking tech’s gender gap and addressed why she believes having women in management roles is helpful.

6 ways to include more women of color in tech

Unfortunately, tech’s gender problem proves even worse for women of color. This report offers tips on creating a more inclusive hiring process in the workplace.

The top 3 factors that boost gender equality in the workplace

Reporting from Accenture found that workplaces that have bold leadership, comprehensive action, and an empowering environment are more likely to close gender gaps.

How “returnships” can get working mothers back into tech

A 2010 study found that 31% of highly-qualified women leave their jobs for an average of 2.7 years, and 90% reported that they wanted to return; unfortunately, however, only 40% could find full-time work. This article outlines how women, specifically mothers, can get back into the tech field.

Why it’s important for the tech industry to get more young girls interested in STEM

Young girls determine what rises to fame in tech and what doesn’t, so why don’t more girls become interested in STEM careers? This article discusses how to get young girls interested in tech to begin to squash the tech gender gap.


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